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SS 2019 / Trend: Native

Analisi di un trend per la primavera estate del 2019

SS 2019 / Trend: Native

The trend NATIVE refers to the revival of natural elements: they become more important, crucial for everyday life. The consumer follows the path which brings him to his origins. Overwhelmed by technology and globalization, men ad women are looking back, to recover their soul and take a deep breath.

This is the start of a new journey of initiation, which will bring us to discover the inner sense of life, through all the traditions made by food, colors, prints, fabrics, linked all together to Mother Earth, where we all belong. This is a result of the glocal trend. Glocalization is a term introduced into the sociological literature by Roland Robertson and Zygmunt Bauman to indicate “the simultaneity - the co-presence - of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies”.

In this trend book I explore all the trends considering: fabrics, silhouettes, voices and runaway.

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